**WHY ARE WE PRODUCING SINGERS, ACTORS & DANCERS**…but not children like the SAHIBZADE? The Answer…

For generations we have been awed by the incredible conduct of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Sahibzade, evidenced during the periods leading up to their Shaheedi. We have been inspired with the steadfast spirit of Bhai Taru Singh Ji during his Shaheedi. The supreme sacrifices of such Gursikhs from those times, recorded in the golden pages of Sikh history, are and should always be remembered and discussed.
In truth, we heard the golden stories and, in most cases, we did so with attention. However, we missed one important aspect of the supreme sacrifices by these personalities, something we did not look into – how was it that these saint soldiers attained such determination for unwavering commitment to the truth, welcoming physical death but not compromising their beliefs?
Furthermore, how can we also attain that same determination which they demonstrated?
Serious discussion around this question has remained absent, which has resulted in there being no others like the Sahibzade today. There can be no doubt that if discussion revolves around this question, then there will be many more like them, like Bhai Taru Singh Ji and the others of those times.
Instead, what is happening today? Three-year old boys are being trained to play the ‘Dhol’ and do ‘Bhangra’. Young girls are being encouraged to sing ‘Boliyan’ and do ‘Gidda’. From childhood, the descendants of those who were filled with wisdom are being turned into entertainers. Instead of producing those personalities who should be representations of the Sahibzade in both image and thought, it is most unfortunate that Sikh households are producing singers, actors and dancers, as well as spiky-hair styled youngsters.
So the question is, why are three-year olds doing Bhangra? How did our children turn into entertainers? What has made our teenagers into singers? This can and must be changed – only if Sikh parents make the right choices and take immediate firm steps that could mould the generations to come, for the better. Party-savvy Bhangra and Gidda dancers are taking birth into the homes of Sikhs but why are we lacking children who have the spirit and determination of Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh?
Indeed it is regrettable the Sikh parents are giving their children incorrect encouragement from a young age. This may well be because they also have lacked the correct Sikh upbringing, or fallen prey to the negative effects of bad society over the years. However, the root cause is because the discussion never took place on the topic of how we should become Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh. If we were to ask the Sahibzade “how did you become like you were?” they would tell us that their father thoroughly taught them Gurbani in depth and instilled the Sikh philosophy into their very core.
The system in current times is if we do an Akhand Paath Sahib, we sit in the start for a short while, take Karah Parshad and then we are only seen momentarily in Guru Ji’s presence here and there, until it comes to giving the Rumalla Sahib on day three for the Bhog. By that time we are too occupied in looking after the guests. We did not take out the time to hear what Guru Ji was telling us, to explore and attempt to understand the message, unhurriedly and with our undivided concentration.
The key is Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Understand the essence of Gurmat, point-by-point, and then how can one not attain the same determination as that of Baba Deep Singh Ji?…